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Some have said Jay Dhahan is a 'master connector' others have stated that he is able to 'read minds' but something that Jay Dhahan prides himself on is being able to make an authentic connection with anyone, anywhere. Whether he is connecting with people individually or in front of hundreds of people he is able to make them feel seen, heard and understood. He has developed relationships with professional athletes,business and mindset moguls like: Dr Rob Kelly, Richard Dolan, Michael Neil, to entrepreneurs starting businesses and even mentoring the younger generation of leaders in the western world.

He has empowered and inspired individuals and entrepreneurs all over the Western world to "Uncage their ROAR" by building a like minded community called the "Lions Den" for Brothers, Blessings and Breakthroughs. He incorporates a variety of experiences to learn from him, through presentations, 1:1 strategy sessions, events and live group coaching calls. His Mission is to build generational wealth for all those that are in his inner circle.

The only son of an Immigrant Indian family who started their wealth mission in Canada, Jay Saw the trials and tribulations his father faced to make sure the family were well looked after, he made it his mission to ensure that his Next Generation have the best life possible. Jay Faces many challenges, obstacles and life altering experiences in his upbringing which has ultimately molded him into the man he is today. However, he is not stopping here and states “Humans evolve constantly throughout their life to reach their ultimate goals in life."

"Jay's greatest contribution to the world is his relentless pursuit of harnessing his greater self to be of service to people young and old." ~ Richard Dolan

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